Why you NEED the EduTech LMS

Saves time

EduTech saves both organisations’ and users’ time. You no longer need to worry about suitable training spaces, printed manuals, refreshments and transport issues! Users can access EduTech anytime and from anywhere.

Cost savings

Whether you’re using our platform to host content or purchasing the software for your organisation’s use, EduTech only costs a fraction of your usual training expenses. What’s more, users don’t have to put productive days aside for training; they can just access and complete courses to fit around their work schedules.

Self-paced flexibility

Users can complete learning courses on EduTech at their own pace when it suits them. No more falling behind and missing vital information!

Easy revision

With the EduTech LMS, users can review courses as many times as they want, looking up niggly details of something that slipped their minds as needed. This eliminates the need for in-person refresher courses.

Standardised quality

When you upload learning content on EduTech, you ensure that all users have access to the same standard of training. Plus, you can add all the supporting learning aids to EduTech too! This mitigates the risk of knowledge gaps between users.

Valuable data

EduTech allows you to extract reports containing specific data about your course offerings. With the click of a button, you can download reports on users’ progress, quiz results and more.

Customised paths

Your organisation’s LMS administrators can create learning interventions and customised learning paths based on your employees’ needs and training requirements.

Happy employees

With customised learning journeys, easy access, flexibility in learning and many other benefits, you will find increased employee satisfaction and reduced staff turnover.

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Tales of companies falling victim to security breaches are all too familiar. Our online solutions offer you, your co-workers, and your students a digitally secure environment in which to work.


As your company grows, so will its need for more data storage, user licenses and infrastructure. This is the financial impact of using an in-house approach, along with costing time for the technical staff to set up. Using our cloud solution offers elasticity and scalability with limited interruption and less cost.


Mobile, home working, online learning, and user collaboration are all benefits of using our cloud solution. As long as you have an Internet connection, you can learn and stay in touch with your work colleagues and students.


Our online solutions offer easier connectivity for your remote workers and students from around the world. No matter what time, or where in the world your employees and students are based, they will be able to access what they need; giving you time to focus on your core business.

Downtime & upgrades

Upgrading software or hardware within a business can be tricky. Updated software may not work with older versions, hardware may require more expense to implement, and testing times for IT staff can be long and expensive. Our solutions cut down on the expense and time taken during upgrades, keeping downtime low.

Low maintenance

Although you'll still need to maintain your in-house computers and devices, using our cloud solutions drastically reduces the high-end levels of maintenance usually associated with running your network. It's not just the maintenance of the servers either, consider the saving in not having to maintain a server room, climate control or security and physical access controls.


Collaboration in the cloud can have a significant impact on how you and your students interact. It's a smarter way of learning together, and thanks to our cloud technologies, also a lot easier.

Microsoft 365 integration

We integrate with Microsoft Azure AD allowing for a single sign on process when available. We offer Microsoft 365 Online licenses to our students, this gives them access to the usual Office 365 Online apps, along with an email address, MS Teams, OneDrive storage and a suite of tools designed for online learning.

Cheaper energy costs

If you're considering a traditionally installed server, then you will also need to factor in climate control and upkeep for that server, even possibly its own dedicated server room. The costs soon mount up, whereas using our cloud cuts out everything associated with locally installed hardware.

Help desk / technical support

Our hosted solution ships with an online Helpdesk. Students and staff are able to log tickets from anywhere, at any time. Our competent support staff are dedicated to resolve all tickets within 24 hours. Professional assistance is only a few clicks away.